Nov 19

Promotii Emag blackfriday 2015

Centralizate de pe blogurile din retea (zoso, nwradu, arhiblog, simonatache, arielu, petreanu, printesaurbana, manafu, computerblog, andreeapatrascu)

  • iPhone 6 Silver – 1999,99 lei
  • Samsung Galaxy S5, 16GB, black – 1399.99 lei
  • iPad Mini 2 Space Gray – 699,99 lei
  • Flash SSD Kingston V300 2.5″, 120GB, SATA 3 – 99,99 lei
  • Laptop HP 250 G3, procesor Intel® Core™ i3-4005U Haswell™, 15.6″, 4GB, 500GB + Geanta laptop – 999,99 lei
  • Monitor LED AOC 18.5″, Wide – 99,99 lei
  • TV 152cm, 4K, smart UE60JU6000WXXH Samsung – 3.499,99 lei (redus de la 6.999,99 lei)
  • Televizor LED UTOK, 80 cm, HD – pret special BF 499,99 lei
  • Smartwatch Moto360 – 499,99 lei
  • Consola Microsoft Xbox ONE + Joc FIFA 16 – 999,99 lei
  • Ceas de damă Michael Kors MK5491 – 499,99 lei
  • Espressor DeLonghi EC5, 800 W, Cappucino System, Negru – 99,99 lei
  • Stație de calcat Philips PerfectCare Viva GC7035/20, Talpa SteamGlide Plus, 2400 W, 1.7 l – 399,99 lei
  • Set Uscător de păr BaByliss I-Pro 6627E, 2000 W, 3 Trepte temperatura, 2 Viteze, Difuzor volum, Negru + Placa de par 6627, 200 grade, Negru – 139,99 lei
  • Mașină de spalat rufe Slim Arctic EF5800A++, 5 kg, 800 RPM, Clasa A+ – 599,99 lei
  • Pachet: Urzeala Tronurilor – George RR Martin (5carti) – 99,99 lei
  • Apa de Toaleta Calvin Klein C.K. One, Unisex, 200ml – 79,99 lei
  • Tenisi Converse Chuck Taylor AS Core HI Unisex, Optical White – 99,99 lei
  • Scaun de birou Kring Smart, Negru- 49,99 lei
  • Anvelopa Iarna Sebring Formula Snow+ 601 185/65 R15 88T – 99,99 lei
Dec 17

Sony [mobile] – idioti din nou

Se da un producator care ar putea sa rupa piata in doua. Design deosebit, componente speciale (lentine), posibilitatea evidenta de a se evidentia intr-o mare de droizi care arata din ce in ce mai uniforma.

Si ce iese? Bottleneck camera glass? Plastic used as camera protection instead of Gorilla Glass ?

I noticed a rough spot on the camera glass on mine, when I lightly rubbed my nail over it, I couldn’t really see anything but under my microscope I saw this.
It’s not very promising as I’ve only had this phone for two months and a half, while my two-year old Xperia Acro S barely has a mark on its camera glass. I never treated this Z3C any worse than my old Acro S. I’m even treating this much more carefully than my Acro S.
So it does look like the camera glass on the Z3C is absolute rubbish material.
I’m not yet noticing any blurred or washed out spots in the pictures, but I do start to notice light streaks around bright light sources.



First post as I stumbled on this forum by accident while trying to see if anyone else has camera issues with their Sony. Seems a common problem………

My Z3 Compact at less than 3 months old now and the camera is utterly useless due to the scratches on the lens cover. VERY disappointed. I have come to Sony and Android to see what the other side was like and I will be taking the option to head back to iPhone and IOS after 12 months when my contract allows me too. I think the whole experience with the Sony phone, which really looked the goods on paper, has left me very unimpressed.

The main issue is the camera though. The phone when brand new took brilliant photos, I was very happy. Then within a couple of weeks I noticed a haze or smudging in the pictures and spent hours playing around to try and get the settings right to stop this ‘haze’. Anyway upon very close inspection the whole lens is completely scratched. Renders this phone useless to me as it is used for all my photo’s of my kids.

Get it together Sony, you have just cemented my feelings that in recent years you have fallen a long way from the top of the electronic technology charts due to poor quality control and cost cutting measures.


Avem unul dintre cele mai bune telefoane ale momentului, specificatii de top, design ok, baterie extraordinara, camera cu potential imens. Si idiotii de la Sony se zgarcesc la 2-3$ si practic fac pipi de senzorul de calitate pe care l-au pus in camera.

Sep 09

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 – shields

In calitate de proaspat posesor de Note 3 m-am refamiliarizat cu tampenia care poate sa rasufle din sediile coreene ale gigantului Samsumg. Mai exact cu cretinitatea de rama urata, fragila si imbecila pusa pe un telefon relativ rezistent.


  1. carcasa/husa
  2. shield

Am comandat o carcasa pentru situatii speciale (revin cu alt articol) si un shield pentru “purtat” de zi cu zi.

In cazul in care aveti si voi astfel de interese optiunile gasite de mine sunt:

Dintre acestea, dupa ce am luat in vedere pretul produsului, pretul transportului, aspectul si ca eram interesat doar de acoperirea ramei au ramas in lista scurta:



gadgetshieldz => 10$ + transport pentru body protection si transport in Romania



cruzerlite => 25$ pentru body protection si transport in Romania




iCarbons_Galaxy_Note_III_Titanium_Skin_1024x1024 => 12$ pentru side protection (acopera doar rama) si transport in Romania



L-am comandat pe ultimul. Va pun poze dupa ce montez.

Aug 12

VirtualBox 4.3.14 -> E_FAIL 0x80004005

Se pare ca cei de la VirtualBox au facut ceva schimbari majore in modul in care acceseaza diverse DLL-uri si ultima versiune oficiala tot crapa, mai ales din cauza de antivirus.

Mai multe detalii aici: -> 4.3.14 conflicts with anti-virus packages

Solutia de pana acum este un nou, din pacate inca neoficial. Mie mi-a mers cu:

VirtualBox 4.3.15 (build 95286) (mirror daca link-ul oficial merge foarte greu)

Apr 02

Frecventele RDS Bucuresti

Poate are cineva nevoie de ele (mie imi servesc sa stiu cum pornesc VLC-ul) :

Sunt scanate acum cateva luni, probabil s-a mai schimbat cate ceva.

frequency=306000000 modulation=64 service_id=143 name=DIGI Sport 1 HD
frequency=466000000 modulation=64 service_id=140 name=DIGI Sport 1
frequency=362000000 modulation=64 service_id=150 name=DIGI Sport 2
frequency=370000000 modulation=64 service_id=170 name=Digi Sport 3
frequency=474000000 modulation=64 service_id=180 name=Eurosport
frequency=322000000 modulation=64 service_id=190 name=Eurosport 2
frequency=386000000 modulation=64 service_id=632 name=GSP TV
frequency=474000000 modulation=64 service_id=160
frequency=338000000 modulation=64 service_id=162 HD
frequency=306000000 modulation=64 service_id=25 name=TVR HD
frequency=370000000 modulation=64 service_id=10 name=TVR1
frequency=474000000 modulation=64 service_id=40 name=Antena 1
frequency=314000000 modulation=64 service_id=30 name=PRO TV
frequency=338000000 modulation=64 service_id=32 name=PRO TV HD
frequency=474000000 modulation=64 service_id=50 name=Kanal D
frequency=330000000 modulation=64 service_id=380 name=AXN SciFi
frequency=474000000 modulation=64 service_id=120 name=Antena 3
frequency=474000000 modulation=64 service_id=220 name=Euforia Lifestyle
frequency=474000000 modulation=64 service_id=540 name=Duna
frequency=474000000 modulation=64 service_id=598 name=Nota TVx
frequency=306000000 modulation=64 service_id=275 name=Nat Geo HD
frequency=314000000 modulation=64 service_id=110 name=REALITATEA TV
frequency=314000000 modulation=64 service_id=200 name=AcasaTV
frequency=314000000 modulation=64 service_id=330 name=Nat Geo Wild
frequency=314000000 modulation=64 service_id=340 name=ProCinema
frequency=314000000 modulation=64 service_id=420 name=MTV Romania
frequency=314000000 modulation=64 service_id=530 name=Money Channel
frequency=322000000 modulation=64 service_id=260 name=History Channel
frequency=322000000 modulation=64 service_id=130 name=TVR News
frequency=322000000 modulation=64 service_id=260 name=History Channel
frequency=322000000 modulation=64 service_id=410 name=Disney Channel
frequency=322000000 modulation=64 service_id=450 name=HIT MUSIC
frequency=322000000 modulation=64 service_id=480 name=Favorit TV
frequency=322000000 modulation=64 service_id=490 name=Etno
frequency=322000000 modulation=64 service_id=525 name=TVH 2.0
frequency=322000000 modulation=64 service_id=600 name=TRINITAS TV
frequency=322000000 modulation=64 service_id=80 name=National TV
frequency=330000000 modulation=64 service_id=343 name=DIGI FILM HD
frequency=330000000 modulation=64 service_id=370 name=AXN Crime
frequency=330000000 modulation=64 service_id=460 name=MEZZO
frequency=330000000 modulation=64 service_id=609 name=CNN
frequency=330000000 modulation=64 service_id=643 name=SuperONE HD
frequency=330000000 modulation=64 service_id=652 name=HBO HD
frequency=338000000 modulation=64 service_id=205 name=AcasaTV HD
frequency=338000000 modulation=64 service_id=331 name=Nat Geo Wild HD
frequency=338000000 modulation=64 service_id=518 name=Nasul TV
frequency=338000000 modulation=64 service_id=526 name=Inedit TV
frequency=346000000 modulation=64 service_id=281 name=DIGI WORLD HD
frequency=346000000 modulation=64 service_id=291 name=DIGI Life HD
frequency=346000000 modulation=64 service_id=311 name=DIGI ANIMAL WORLD HD
frequency=346000000 modulation=64 service_id=327 name=BBC Entertainment
frequency=354000000 modulation=64 service_id=215 name=AcasaTV Gold
frequency=354000000 modulation=64 service_id=280 name=DIGI WORLD
frequency=354000000 modulation=64 service_id=350 name=Diva Universal
frequency=354000000 modulation=64 service_id=360 name=AXN
frequency=354000000 modulation=64 service_id=390 name=Minimax
frequency=354000000 modulation=64 service_id=412 name=Disney JR
frequency=354000000 modulation=64 service_id=430 name=UTV
frequency=354000000 modulation=64 service_id=470 name=Music Channel Ro
frequency=354000000 modulation=64 service_id=90 name=DIGI 24 HD
frequency=362000000 modulation=64 service_id=100 name=DIGI 24
frequency=362000000 modulation=64 service_id=270 name=Nat Geo
frequency=362000000 modulation=64 service_id=290 name=DIGI Life
frequency=362000000 modulation=64 service_id=440 name=KISS TV
frequency=362000000 modulation=64 service_id=517 name=GigaTV
frequency=362000000 modulation=64 service_id=60 name=PRIMA TV
frequency=362000000 modulation=64 service_id=70 name=B1
frequency=370000000 modulation=64 service_id=20 name=TVR 2
frequency=370000000 modulation=64 service_id=230 name=TVPaprika
frequency=370000000 modulation=64 service_id=300 name=Viasat Nature
frequency=370000000 modulation=64 service_id=310 name=DIGI ANIMAL WORLD
frequency=370000000 modulation=64 service_id=320 name=Travel
frequency=370000000 modulation=64 service_id=512 name=DIGI 24 Oradea
frequency=370000000 modulation=64 service_id=514 name=DIGI 24 Timisoara
frequency=378000000 modulation=64 service_id=342 name=DIGI FILM
frequency=378000000 modulation=64 service_id=607 name=PVTV
frequency=378000000 modulation=64 service_id=610 name=TV5 MONDE
frequency=378000000 modulation=64 service_id=620 name=RTL Television
frequency=378000000 modulation=64 service_id=640 name=SuperONE
frequency=378000000 modulation=64 service_id=650 name=HBO Romania
frequency=378000000 modulation=64 service_id=660 name=HBO Comedy
frequency=378000000 modulation=64 service_id=667 name=1170 Download
frequency=378000000 modulation=64 service_id=670 name=Cinemax
frequency=386000000 modulation=64 service_id=333 name=Viasat Explorer
frequency=386000000 modulation=64 service_id=335 name=Viasat History
frequency=386000000 modulation=64 service_id=355 name=TV1000
frequency=386000000 modulation=64 service_id=357 name=Universal Channel
frequency=386000000 modulation=64 service_id=415 name=Boomerang
frequency=386000000 modulation=64 service_id=455 name=VH1
frequency=386000000 modulation=64 service_id=516 name=DIGI 24 Brasov
frequency=386000000 modulation=64 service_id=533 name=TVR3
frequency=386000000 modulation=64 service_id=606 name=Fishing and Hunting
frequency=386000000 modulation=64 service_id=629 name=BBC World News
frequency=394000000 modulation=64 service_id=125 name=RTV
frequency=394000000 modulation=64 service_id=324 name=BBC Knowledge
frequency=394000000 modulation=64 service_id=417 name=Duck TV
frequency=394000000 modulation=64 service_id=495 name=Hora TV
frequency=394000000 modulation=64 service_id=501 name=AGRO TV
frequency=394000000 modulation=64 service_id=511 name=TV Neptun
frequency=394000000 modulation=64 service_id=522 name=TV City
frequency=394000000 modulation=64 service_id=537 name=N 24
frequency=394000000 modulation=64 service_id=602 name=SperantaTV
frequency=394000000 modulation=64 service_id=615 name=Rai 1
frequency=402000000 modulation=64 service_id=435 name=UTV HD
frequency=402000000 modulation=64 service_id=563 name=M2
frequency=402000000 modulation=64 service_id=595 name=Magyar ATV
frequency=402000000 modulation=64 service_id=634 name=RTL2
frequency=402000000 modulation=64 service_id=635 name=SUPER RTL
frequency=402000000 modulation=64 service_id=638 name=CCTV News
frequency=466000000 modulation=64 service_id=622 name=ProSieben
frequency=466000000 modulation=64 service_id=617 name=Rai 3
frequency=466000000 modulation=64 service_id=519 name=6 TV
frequency=466000000 modulation=64 service_id=510 name=TV Neptun
frequency=466000000 modulation=64 service_id=400 name=Cartoon Network
frequency=466000000 modulation=64 service_id=336 name=Travel Mix
frequency=466000000 modulation=64 service_id=210 name=Film Cafe

Mar 25

All those leaks (HTC One M8)

Se tot mira lumea ca la fiecare doua, trei zile mai aparea o bucatica de specificatie, un filmulet, o poza cu modelul 2014 al flagship-ului HTC. Misterul s-a lamurit azi, da?

Suntem in prima zi si deja au aparut review-uri pe gsmarena, gizmodo, engadget, phonearena, techradar, theverge, zdnet si altele. Cred ca numai cine n-a vrut sa-l testeze nu l-a testat.

Se apuca HTC-ul sa investeasca in publicitate?

Mar 21

Diferenta intre a iesi la tabla si a iesi la tabla cu lectia facuta

Citeam astazi opiniile enuntate pe blogul personal de EBA, viitorul politicii romanesti si ma intreb daca Basesc chiar nu ar putea sa-i imprumute unul din consultantii lui, oameni care s-au dovedit relativ compotenti. Sa o ascultam pe proaspata mamica:

Activitatea in Parlamentul European arata ca eu am fost, totusi, mai activa decat Monica Macovei. Am 1.859 de activitati in PE, pe cand doamna Macovei are 1.226. Si daca lucrurile ar fi stat invers, tot as fi crezut ca ambele sunt cifre respectabile, spre exemplu, fata de activitatea distinsilor sau distinselor colege din PSD si PNL. Deci, a spune despre mine ca sunt cel mai activ europarlamentar roman nu este o greseala. Daca autorul crede ca doamna Macovei are o prestatie mai buna, e parerea sa si, subiectiva fiind, poate sa si-o exprime.

Si sa ne amintim:

Mie imi suna a:

  • Eu am iesit de mai multe ori la tabla!
  • Si ai stiut lectia?
  • Nu!
  • Si ai luat note bune?
  • Numai 2 si 3! Da’ am iesit de mai multe ori la tabla!