E-Ink monitor

I need a laptop with EINK display

I am not joking, I really really need a laptop with EINK Display. I Know current EINK technology does not support enough frame rate to use it as daily programming tasks.

I know the limitation of the EINK technology. It is colorless (black and white) and has very low frame rate to play video. But my purpose is limited. I just want a powerful laptop (powerful here means processing power and memory) with eink display, that has enough frame rate that looks smooth while typing.

This looks stupid but why do anyone need a powerful laptop just to type? I know programmers like me have to stare at the screen for the whole day. (at least 6-8 hours), mostly writing code or reading codeĀ and that is really really trouble to the eye.



2 thoughts on “E-Ink monitor

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  2. Yes, I am with you, I wish to see this dream come true, LCDs are killing my eyes !!
    form distance the LCD colors look like a charm, but keep stirring to them more that 10-12 hours daily feel like a curse.

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