Sony [mobile] – idioti din nou

Se da un producator care ar putea sa rupa piata in doua. Design deosebit, componente speciale (lentine), posibilitatea evidenta de a se evidentia intr-o mare de droizi care arata din ce in ce mai uniforma.

Si ce iese? Bottleneck camera glass? Plastic used as camera protection instead of Gorilla Glass ?

I noticed a rough spot on the camera glass on mine, when I lightly rubbed my nail over it, I couldn’t really see anything but under my microscope I saw this.
It’s not very promising as I’ve only had this phone for two months and a half, while my two-year old Xperia Acro S barely has a mark on its camera glass. I never treated this Z3C any worse than my old Acro S. I’m even treating this much more carefully than my Acro S.
So it does look like the camera glass on the Z3C is absolute rubbish material.
I’m not yet noticing any blurred or washed out spots in the pictures, but I do start to notice light streaks around bright light sources.



First post as I stumbled on this forum by accident while trying to see if anyone else has camera issues with their Sony. Seems a common problem………

My Z3 Compact at less than 3 months old now and the camera is utterly useless due to the scratches on the lens cover. VERY disappointed. I have come to Sony and Android to see what the other side was like and I will be taking the option to head back to iPhone and IOS after 12 months when my contract allows me too. I think the whole experience with the Sony phone, which really looked the goods on paper, has left me very unimpressed.

The main issue is the camera though. The phone when brand new took brilliant photos, I was very happy. Then within a couple of weeks I noticed a haze or smudging in the pictures and spent hours playing around to try and get the settings right to stop this ‘haze’. Anyway upon very close inspection the whole lens is completely scratched. Renders this phone useless to me as it is used for all my photo’s of my kids.

Get it together Sony, you have just cemented my feelings that in recent years you have fallen a long way from the top of the electronic technology charts due to poor quality control and cost cutting measures.


Avem unul dintre cele mai bune telefoane ale momentului, specificatii de top, design ok, baterie extraordinara, camera cu potential imens. Si idiotii de la Sony se zgarcesc la 2-3$ si practic fac pipi de senzorul de calitate pe care l-au pus in camera.

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